Staff List

Staff List September 2023-July 2024
Head Teacher Mrs Proctor
Deputy Head Teacher Mrs Dickinson
Assistant Head SENDCO Mrs Allen
Pupil Achievement Leaders:
Early Years (Nursery and Reception) Mrs O’Neil
Key Stage 1 (Year 1 & 2) Mrs Sibbald
Lower Key Stage 2 (Year 3 & 4) Miss Johnson
Upper Key Stage 2 (Year 5 & 6) Mrs Lodge
Leaders of Learning:
Literacy Mrs Dickinson
Mathematics Mr Gray
Science Mrs Tiernan
Computing & E-Safety Mrs Haigh
Business, Innovation & Enterprise Mrs Olds/Mrs Collin (Maternity Leave)
Classes / Year Group Teaching Staff
Nursery Teacher:
Mrs O’Neil
Key Workers:
Mrs Turnbull
Mrs Ali
Mrs Crutwell-Ali
Reception Teachers:
Mrs Owen (R1)
Mrs Mackins (R2)
Mrs Cornforth-Hill (R3)
Support Staff:
Mrs Erwin
Mrs Fairweather
Miss Charlton
Year 1 Teachers:
Mrs Young (Class 1.1)
Mrs Dobson/Miss Toward (Class 1.2)
Mrs Richardson (Class 1.3)
Mrs Moore
Support Staff:
Mrs Cooper
Miss Scott
Mrs Betts
Year 2 Teachers:
Mrs Tiernan (Class 2.1)
Mrs Proudlock (Class 2.2)
Mrs Sibbald (Class 2.3)
Support Staff:
Mrs Mills
Mrs Owen
Mrs Cave

Miss McCloskey

Year 3 Teachers:
Miss Merrigan (Class 3.1)
Miss Scott (Class 3.2)
Mrs Maughan (Class 3.3)

Mrs Collin (Maternity Leave)

Support Staff:
Mrs Swan
Mrs Campbell
Year 4 Teachers:
Miss Johnson (Class 4.1)
Mrs Usher (Class 4.2)
Mrs Evans (Class 4.3)
Support Staff:
Mrs Wright
Mrs Hassan
Mrs Smith
Year 5 Teachers:
Mrs Haigh (Class 5.1)
Mrs Olds (Class 5.2)
Mrs Colgan (Class 5.3)
Support Staff:
Miss Nickerson
Mrs Beaney
Miss Wilkinson
Year 6 Teachers:
Mr McIntyre (Class 6.1)
Mrs Bramley (Class 6.2)
Mrs Lodge (Class 6.3)
Mr Gray
​Support Staff:​​
Miss Johnston
Mrs Nichols
Higher Level Teaching Assistants (PPA)  Miss Gallagher
Miss Peacock
Mrs Mulvain
Mrs Grant
Mrs Carr
Mrs Mills
Mrs Nichols
Learning Support Assistants Mrs Lipanova
Mrs Power
Miss Henderson
Miss Purdy
Mrs Atchison
Mrs Porter
Mr Wade
Mrs Roberts
Mrs Thompson
Miss Hepburn
Mrs Beaney
Miss Charlton

Mrs Erwin

Mrs Hassan

Child & Family Wellbeing Officer Mrs Fearon
Lunchtime Supervisory Assistants Mrs Hassan
Mrs Cave
Miss Olley
Miss Hepburn
Mrs Black
Mrs Carr
Mrs Mordey
Mrs Campbell
​Miss Nickerson
Mrs Mckie
Mrs Goodfellow
Miss Foots

Mrs Ogilvie

Mrs Sultana

Mrs Fontaine

Mrs Whitehead

Office Staff Mrs Flynn (School Operations Manager)
Mrs Cochrane (Reception/Administration)
Mrs Ross (Reception/Administration)
Mr Henderson (IT Manager)
Premises & Facilities Mr Whitehead (Site Manager)
Mrs Black (Caretaker Cleaner)
Mrs Thompson (Cleaner)
Mrs Mckie (Cleaner)
Mrs Davies  (Cleaner)
Mrs McIlroy (Cleaner)
Miss Smark (Cleaner)
Mrs Weetman(Cleaner)
Mrs Laws (Cleaner)